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The Concordian

Issue #43, Spring 2007


The Concordia Company

South Dartmouth, MA

Effective July 31, 2007, Concordia is moving from South Wharf to its 14 acres at 300 Gulf Road, one mile west of Padanaram Harbor. Concordia, owned and operated by Brodie MacGregor since 1981 and now joined by his son Stuart, will use their own hydraulic trailer and team with Brownell Haulers to get boats on and off their property. We will be able to offer hauling and launching over a greater range of area. Check with us to see if it may work to bring your Yawl back to Concordia if not annually, every few seasons. Our space on Gulf Road offers superior workshops and building facilities.

Looking forward, Concordia is planning to use 80 years of traditional experience to increase its presence in wooden boat restoration and expand into hull completion. In addition to Yawl work, we are preparing a restoration of a 1931 Luder's designed 6 Meter - the ultimate goal being the 2009 Worlds in Newport, RI. (Seen here between #92 Savu and #88 Luna.) We also plan to finish the restoration of Sunda #33 this summer as well with planking and a new deck. Sunda is available and can be ready for a mid-summer launch.

We have moved our Concordia Parts & Archives. Once organized, we will have the parts on a database on our website each with pictures. We expect to be in much better shape in the Fall of 2007 once our move is complete. John Arruda - Contact:([email protected]) has made great strides in building his knowledge of the inventory. Check with him if you need something

We are preparing to take #85 Arapaho to Mystic for the WoodenBoat Show June 29th - July 1st. It will be our first boat show in many years. This winter we have replaced galvanized floors with bronze in the mast step area (before and after pictures below), scarfed in lower frame ends and installed four new planks. We put in a polyethylene tank in the locker above the toilet and installed a new CNG stove with oven and made the necessary galley modifications. Painting and varnish for the season is underway.

#97 Summer Wind (former Tambourine) has found enthusiastic new owners in Dana & Carole Brackett. We have repowered her with a Yanmar 3JH4E and modified the interior including building a new engine box with 50 year old pine. The interior has been completely repainted and all new sails and furling system will be put together after commissioning the week of April 23rd.


#21 Streamer has been completely repainted inside and out. The group of owners have renewed interest in Streamer and she has been taken off the market. She will be heading to Islesboro, Maine for the summer with all new electronics, and new bow and stern rails.

Praxilla #10

Dom and Debbie Champa, Fairfield, CT

It's been a long winter for PRAXILLA, and more importantly PRAXILLA's crew. This was the winter for a total refresh on varnish. The house top and cockpit have been totally wooded and redone. So far we are up to coat # 9 ... hoping to get to 12. The bottom was totally redone in the fall so hopefully I won't be as far behind in Concordia races this summer. We also had a broken frame beneath the Mizzen sistered, so it's been a busy winter season of repairs and refinishing. Here are a couple varnish shots of the work in progress.

Praxilla Praxilla

This year I am Co-Chairing the IYRS Classic Yacht Cruise along with Laurie Bullard, of CAPTIVA. It promises to be a great cruise starting in Nantucket the weekend of the Opera House Cup, August 19th, with stops in New Bedford which is Laurie's home port, Hadley's Harbor and Newport. I would urge as many Concordias to come as possible. We are in the early planning stages, with lots of interest already voiced. Make your plans and come along. We will be sending out registration material in a short while or contact me directly at: [email protected], and I will be sure you get the registration package.

Eigth Annual Classic Yacht Cruise

Sponsored by Lexus


Kickoff cocktail reception in Nantucket


Race in the Opera House Cup Regatta
Spectate at the Opera House Cup Regatta
Attend the OHC Jetties Beach party in the evening


Race to Martha's Vineyard
Cocktail reception at the Edgartown Yacht Club


Raft up and traditional CYC Hors d'Oeuvre competition


Rendezvous at Cork wine & tapas bar for cocktails
Dinner at the New Bedford Whaling Museum


Gallery tours and family activities
Whale rowboat racing
Sail to Cuttyhunk (no scheduled programs)


End-of-Cruise Party at IYRS with Awards Presentation

Purpose of the 8th Annual Classic Yacht Cruise

The 8th Annual Classic Yacht Cruise is a celebration of classic watercraft with the purpose of celebrating and promoting wooden boat restoration. As stated in the IYRS mission, to preserve the knowledge, heritage, and craftsmanship inherent in these boats is a core underpinning of the school's educational program. The ultimate expression of which, is to see these boats in the water and under sail. Indeed, it is often the case that IYRS alumni have restored many of the great yachts we enjoy on the cruise

Can I Join The Cruise?

The Cruise is an inclusive venture and as such welcomes all participants who share in the values and principles of IYRS. The cruise is about fellowship, camaraderie and enjoyment of our sport. The "Classic Fleet" will be defined as classic watercraft both sail and power plus Spirit of Tradition boats. A spectator fleet is welcome to accompany the cruise and partake in all activities.

The following companies have various yachts available for charter. Please contact them directly for more information.

12 Meter Charters (401) 851-1211
Americas Cup Charters (401) 849-5868
Bartram & Brakenhoff Yacht Brokers (401) 846-7355
Bluenose Yachts (401) 608-1205
Churchill Yacht Partners (401) 849-7850
Concordia Company (508) 999-1381
Hinckley Yachts (800) 504-2305
Huckins Yachts (904) 389-1125
Hunt Yachts (401) 324-4201
J Class Management (401) 849-3060
Luke Brown Associates (954) 525-6617
McCurdy Yacht Charters (401) 846-5818
McMillen Yachts Inc. (843) 524-8925
Morning Wings Yacht Charter (508) 385-6828
Morris Yachts (207) 244-5509
W-Class Yacht Company (401) 619-1190

Join us on the classic schooner Arabella and cruise-in-company with the fleet on this full-service mother ship. Limited space available; call 1-800-395-1343 to reserve your berth now.

Crocodile #67

Edgar Crocker, Chestnut Hill, MA

Crocodile left Manchester, Mass on July 24 for a little racing in Penobscot Bay and a trip to St. John River, N.B. Due to her new super slippery bottom paint, called KY Jam TM, and super sensitive Doyle Sails, she finished 1st in Class B in the Castine to Camden Race and 3rd overall in both the Camden to Brooklyn race and the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta. Crocodile was driven by Bruce Schwab, noted solo ocean racer, who completed the Vendee Global Race. Bruce cares about Maine Built Technical Boats and Global Children's Education. The owner, a 76 year old Heathan, was ecstatic as there were a number of Concordias who did not have the advantage of this new bottom paint. On Saturday, September 2nd, we left North Haven, Maine at 6 AM, bound for Gloucester, 130 miles away - weather called for 16 KN, subsiding at night. The reality was 30 KN and we arrived Sunday at 4 AM. The Gloucester Schooner Fleet was tied up and Marblehead racing was cancelled. For much of the trip we sailed with no main, a mizzen and the 130% jib was rolled up to meet the conditions. Yawls are better than sloops. After one particularly bad sea, we put in one companionway board. Crocodile did not take in one drop through the hull. When we rounded the Breakwater in Gloucester, we were greeted with an array of lights which made no sense. It was in fact a US Navy ship flying incorrect lights. When I inquired of the Captain at the Schooner Cocktail Party, his response was they were all ashore being fixed. If we pulled that kind of stupidity in the Halifax Race, we would be thrown off the course. For the greater glory of our Fleet (and Elizabeth's generous prize) we hope that more Concordians will compete in this year's Halifax Race. Had a great summer- Edgar Crocker US 604

Polaris #71

Kenneth W. Brittle, Richmond, VA

Concordia 41, 1959 A&R Built, Hull # 71, original sloop rig, bronze bow sprit, Westerbeke 40 Diesel, original name. Four owners, last 20 years with master ship carpenter. Ready for Next Adventure. A Treasure. $110,000 to good home. Contact: Harry Barritt (757) 813-0470

Fleetwood #20

Kersten Prophet, Keil, Germany

It's spring and I can report to have Fleetwood in the water since March 16th. This is very early; usually she is launched at the end of March or in the early April days. The main winter work was, as I reported earlier, to update her with a new fore stem. Last year I reported problems with some water inrush during sailing in the area of the connection between the fore stem and the bow in the water line area. After dismantling of the mast step and the keel bolting a much bigger problem became visible as you can see in picture #1. The inrush of water was below this bolting. The white area indicates the remaining white lead between keel and fore stem; the black area indicates the water inrush area (#2)! Finally it was clear that it was highly time to renew this piece of wood!

By the way some of the frame end got a renewal and all the floors came new (#5). The new fore stem was made of a grown wood in two pieces. The inner part (#3) with the back rabbet line and the outer part with the outer rabbet line. Both parts have been glued with epoxy resin and bronze bolted with the floors(#6) . Renewing of plank ends was necessary in some minor areas as you can see on picture #4 The work was performed by Yard of Andreas Krause in Kiel (#7) and indeed, they did a very good job!


Beside this I took the chance to wood the interior of the fore ship. This is not finished yet. I'm still varnishing... My plan is to bring in the interior during the first half of April. Last but not least I installed an electric cooling machine. The Danfoss compressor is installed in the locker below the sink. During the last years it became more and more a problem to get ice in the Danish harbors. The reason is the break down of the local fishing activities caused by less fish in the Baltic. With the new compressor I think this problem is history.

I'm very proud to report about two articles in German yachting magazines. One was about yacht interior styles in the Magazine "Yacht Classic", the other one was about the 100 year anniversary of Abeking & Rasmussen this year in the magazine "Yacht". Both articles came out with great photos on a double sides. (#11, #12)

Fleetwood Fleetwood

For the 100 year anniversary will be a big party for the yachtsmen in August in Kiel Laboe, connected to the classical boat race ( http://www.abeking100.de ) It would be a great pleasure to have one of the US-Concordia owner as guest on board Fleetwood! Feel free to contact me under [email protected]!

All the best - Kersten

Vintage #51

Richard and Eleanore Baxendale, Seattle, WA

We closed on Vintage (No. 51) in early January and immediately put her in a yard. We are now testing the thesis of Raka's owner who in Issue # 39 warned "buy a boat in excellent condition rather than one that needs restoration." We are pursuing the repair/restoration option at the excellent Haven Boatworks in Port Townsend, Washington.


Vintage's principal virtue was that she was already here in the Pacific Northwest. After three or four trips east over several years to examine Concordias, it became pretty clear that those in truly "excellent" condition seldom come on the market, and when they do, they are snapped up pretty quickly.

After having owned three glass boats (all well founded, eminently seaworthy and even handsome in their own glass way), we decided some time ago that before we folded our tent, we needed to own a Concordia. Our determination was substantially reinforced late last fall when Doug Cole, the owner of the meticulous Irene, invited me up to Bellingham for a day sail. The weather was brisk and sunny with just the right amount of wind. The snow on Mount Baker gleamed. When Doug handed me the tiller (the first time ever for me on a Concordia under sail), I was truly hooked. Irene fairly hummed as we sliced through Bellingham Bay in a fresh breeze toward the San Juan Islands.

Having a boat in a boatyard for an extended period with the prospect of several more months, has a way of bringing one close to cold reality (which is hardly news to other Concordia owners). What then has been accomplished to date by Haven: They have replaced 20 floors and dealt with 40 plus frames. They replaced one errant keel bolt - the others mercifully had been replaced fairly recently. They have installed a new Yanmar and all its associated equipment on a beautiful new and sturdy engine bed. A new fuel tank is being fabricated and should be in shortly. A freshly painted head (with a new WC Skipper and Concordia-designed holding tank) is just about finished. Head and galley hand sink pumps are being recromed. The spars, boom crutch and tiller have all been repaired where necessary and newly varnished (and look terrific). The sails have been refurbished by the original sailmaker - the redoubtable Carol Hasse of Port Townsend.

What yet needs to be done: Complete set of new instruments, extensive interior cosmetics, new deck and a cockpit rebuild, wooding and varnishing of house, hatches, toe rail etc., some rigging work and finally, a new paint job. We hope this can all be accomplished before the end of summer and, more importantly, before we go broke.

Will report how it all turned out in the fall issue.

Hero #22

Rick & Donna Peck, Thimble Isalnds & Madison, CT

Well we haven't been up to much on major projects with Hero recently, but this project we thought some of you might like to hear about. One of the things we have wanted to replace were the cabin light shades. Over time the wire frames rusted, the shade material yellowed, becoming brittle and cracked. The past few years we have tried cleaning them, but they really just needed to be replaced. Donna decided to look for alternative shades but found she really liked the look of the original ones. So she decided to replicate the old ones. She hunted around for regular lampshade material in hopes of finding an exact material replacement which she did. The next step was to disassemble one of Hero's old light shades to use as a template for cutting the new shades. She then sanded and spray painted the frames. Next she raided my workshop for punch tool to make the holes that the weaving needed to go through. The final step was weaving the lampshade to the frame which our daughter Michelle was a great help. The result was exactly what we wanted and very authentic looking to the old style! So now all have been redone and we have a full set. As to cruising plans this year, we are planning to go up to Narragansett Bay. We have wanted to head up this way before, but plans have gotten changed in the past. But this year we will make it and look forward to visiting with some friends as we sail around the Bay. We are also planning to attend the IYRS Classic Cruise if we can get our crew worked out. I have wanted to do this cruise for awhile as well and hopefully the plan will turn to reality this year. Hope to see many of you on the cruise!


Also, for those of you near the Saybrook, CT area, please remember that the Governor's Cup is on Sept 15. We look forward to seeing some more Concordias in attendance!

Fair Winds to All

Irene #103

Douglas Cole, Bellingham, WA

Last October Irene moved into a covered shed for wooding and renewal of most of her exterior brightwork . Although she could have survived another few years in her present state, the availability of an affordable floating workspace dictated that it was as good a time as any for beginning the task. Stripping was done using both Zip Strip and a heat gun. Stripping was completed by mid-January which was followed by a month of sanding and general prep. Staining (Z-Spar "Standard" mahogany) commenced in mid-March followed by three coats of sealer and multiple coats of Captain's varnish. I had planned on 7-8 coats but I was soon reminded that "final" coats can be somewhat elusive and ended up with ten or eleven coats in places, the final ones being Z-Spar Flagship with a higher UV rating. This is the third time I've done this since 1985 and do not plan on another due to the amount of time and physical effort required. At least she will look her best for the near future. Several times during the more trying periods of working with short days, howling winds and cold temperatures (the shed was open on several sides, but out of the prevailing rains) I was cheered by photos sent by Jon Goldweitz of Abaco, tucked in her warm shed in Connecticut, with most of her brightwork fresh and gleaming. Thanks Jon! I was able to enjoy an afternoon of sailing on Abaco off Stamford in late October and she looked near perfect as usual.

For those contemplating new corduroy for cabin cushions, I have an update on a source for material. LA Tuxedo / 4450 Juniper by Latimer Alexander is available at Queen Anne Upholstery in Seattle, 206-282-3241. This was supplied by Richard Baxendale, new owner of Vintage, who can answer questions about this project. We recovered in 2000 and after six seasons it has worn quite well and is a near identical, if not improved, replacement for the original.

Kiva #55

Douglass Hoffman, Fairfield, CT

Kiva has hailed from Morristown, New York and sailed the St Lawrence and Lake Ontario for the past three seasons. She made her way up from Long Island Sound around Manhattan, up the Hudson, through the Erie Canal, Oswego River, and across Lake Ontario into the St. Lawrence River in 2004. She will probably be returning to Coastal Connecticut later this year.


The Hoffman family is looking forward to their 26th season with Kiva this year.

Sara #27h

Margo Geer, St. Augustine, FL

At first it didn't seem like much had been accomplished since the last newsletter, but as I looked through the pictures I've taken, quite a lot has been finished. To-wit:

Sometimes the immensity of the project is daunting; however looking at the list of things accomplished since the November newsletter, I feel tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Concordia Class at Governor's Cup

Essex, CT - 2007

Last year the Governor's Cup was held on Sept. 9th 2006 and had 18 classic wooden sailboats participating ranging from 24' to 68' in overall length. There were Schooners, Sloops, Ketches, Yawls and Cat boats in attendance. We had six yawls in our class with many back from the previous year. Hero (#22) was the only Concordia last year, where during the previous year Abaco (#102) participated as well. The racing (non spinnaker) was very laid back and owners naturally kept a comfortable distance away from each other. Everyone was very respectful of each others boats and clearly enjoyed getting out for a great sailing event.

This September the Governor's Cup will hold its 32nd Annual Regatta on September 15, 2007. In order to have a class just for Concordias, at least 5 Concordias need to register for the event. We hope this early notice will generate some interest in participating in the Cup. It is understandable how some may be a bit apprehensive about entering a classic race, but having participated, it has been a lot of fun! It tends to offer the right amount of racing intensity and camaraderie as well as a great venue being based in Essex at the Connecticut River Museum. Here is an opportunity to have an annual Concordia event within the Governor's Cup. Wouldn't it be great to sail side by side with several sister ships off of Saybrook Light?

We hope you will consider participating in the Governor's Cup in 2007 and taking advantage of this great opportunity. If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly.

We are looking forward to your emails/calls!

Rick Peck
#22 Hero
Thimbles Islands
203-640-4844 mobile
[email protected]
  Jon Goldweitz
#102 Abaco
203-722-2779 (mobile)
[email protected]

Boats for Sale

71 Polaris $110,000 Harry Barritt (757) 813-0470
14 Saxon $79,000 Gray & Gray (207) 363-7997
44 Lacerta   Concordia Company (508) 999-1381
8 Never Again $125,000 Bartram & Brakenhoff (401) 846-7355
78 Matinicus $145,000 Cannell, Payne & Page (207) 236-2383
43 Raka $75,000 East Coast Yacht Sales (207) 846-4545
35 Memory $35,000 Cannell, Payne & Page (207) 236-2383
33 Sunda   Concordia Company (508) 999-1381

Important Things

If any of the information on the enclosed list of owners is incorrect, please let me know immediately. I have someone available to update the website mid-May, and he will be using this list.

2008 will mark Concordia's 70th Anniversary. We need to start planning now so that all boats and owners are included in cruises and activities. Please contact me or the folks at Concordia with your ideas.

www.concordiaboats.com has been updated and includes an on-line forum/discussion board on various Concordia topics - Restoration and Maintenance, Sailing, Sights & Sounds, Newsletter, Charters & Sales, and Miscellaneous. If you go to the home page you will see a Forum link toward the upper right. PLEASE take a moment to register. I also recommend checking yes in your profile to receive e-mail notification when someone replies to a topic where you have posted.

I have approximately 10 Concordia burgees left. They are $40.00 each (includes shipping).

Deadline for the Fall Newsletter = September 15, 2007

Please E-mail all articles and pictures to: [email protected]

Miscellaneous News & Notes

I try to acknowledge and print all e-mails received, but still fear that an article will get lost in the volume of e-mail and spam I receive. If you ever send something that doesn't end up in the newsletter, please let me know so I can retrieve the item and ensure it gets priority for the next issue.

Newsletter subscriptions are $20.00 per year and checks should be made payable to Margo Geer The mailing address is:

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