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Concordia Stockroom

Concordia sells a wide range of products from Concordia Yawl parts to Concordia swim ladders. To order items, or if you do not find what you are looking for or have any questions regarding Concordia parts please contact Charlie White at (508) 996-2365 or [email protected]. We typically stock items and can ship them within a few days of receiving an order.


Team One Newport
Order Concordia branded apparel from Team One Newport.

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Concordia Beanie
Concordia Fleece Hat
Fleece Hat
Concordia Men's Breeze Jacket
Men's Breeze Jacket
Concordia Men's Hoody Sweatshirt
Men's Hoody Sweatshirt
Concordia Men's Long Sleeve Tech Tee
Men's Long Sleeve Tech Tee
Concordia Men's Micro Fleece Pull Over
Men's Micro Fleece Pull Over
Concordia Men's Oxford Shirt
Men's Oxford Shirt
Concordia Men's Performance Vest
Men's Performance Vest
Concordia Men's Polo
Men's Polo
Concordia Men's Tech Tee
Men's Tech Tee
Concordia Men's Tee
Men's Tee
Concordia Twill Cap
Twill Cap
Concordia Women's Micro Fleece Pull Over
Women's Micro Fleece Pull Over
Concordia Women's Oxford Shirt
Women's Oxford Shirt
Concordia Women's Performance Vest
Women's Performance Vest
Concordia Women's Polo
Women's Polo
Concordia Women's Tech Tee
Women's Tech Tee
Concordia Women's Tee
Women's Tee
Concordia Youth Hoody Sweatshirt
Youth Hoody Sweatshirt
Concordia Youth Tech Tee
Youth Tech Tee
Concordia Youth Tee
Youth Tee

honda marine
We are proud to be a Honda Marine dealer, servicing and selling Honda motors. Below is a partial list of motors.
2.3 hp

2.3 hp

  • Ultra light weight 4-stroke
  • Low 3 star CARB emissions
  • 360° swivel steering
  • 15" and 20" configurations
Learn more
8-9.9 hp

8-9.9 hp

  • Reliable, efficient 4-stroke design
  • Best in Class High Output Charging
  • Available in 15", 20", and 25" shaft models
  • Integrated Carrying Handle
  • Available with Power Thrust Design
Learn more
40 hp

40-50 hp

  • Reliable, efficient 4-stroke design
  • Lean Burn Control
  • NIMEA 2000
  • Lightest in class
  • Programmed Fuel Injection
Learn more

Concordia Yawl Parts

Please note the Concordia Yawl parts list contains just parts we have cast recently. We have molds for many more Concordia parts that we can use to cast new parts.

Concordia boarding ladder

Concordia Swim Ladder

We have resurrected one of Waldo's designs for the Concordia swim/boarding ladder. Waldo designed the ladder to fold out from its boarding ladder position into a swim ladder. The ladder utilizes existing cars on the jib track to hang. When not in use the ladder is designed to fold into itself in a much smaller, easy to stow form.
Concordia bow roller

Concordia CQR Bow Roller

Designed to affix to your Concordia stem fitting and assist you in storing your CQR.
Concordia holding tank

Concordia Holding Tank

Specifically designed to fit in the Concordia Yawl. This tank meets the current Coast Guard requirements.
Concordia screens

Concordia Screens

Bronze screen inserts for three shapes of portlight on the classic Concordia yawl.
Concordia traveller cars

Concordia Traveller Cars

Concordia traveller cars.